Mobile Tech in the Classroom: Perception is Reality

The anywhere, anytime, read availability of the ever ubiquitous mobile technology still has a few hurdles to overcome. After a summer of mLearning research and my usual-summer-disconnect from my middle school teaching career-mode, I found myself ever reliant on my mobile device (iPhone). Email, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, the news, the weather, the list goes on. Two weeks into the school year and I’m still using my device as my primary go-to. A beautiful MacBook rests on my desk for the more extensive writings and to review resources I first came across on my mobile, I’m finding it to be more and more an equal partner in my daily efforts. Recently, I was teaching in a direct-instruction format when I recognized an empty chair, instantly I pulled out my iPhone and checked the daily attendance. A gasp went across the room, a clear school rule violation… in fact, I had just ninja kicked middle school taboo in broad daylight! Had I just used my cell phone in school? Indeed I had! My knee jerked remark? “What? Did you think I was playing Angry Birds?” The kids laughed and I felt compelled to tell them that I was reviewing the daily attendance on my device, I’m still not sure they all believed me.

The technology is there, the perception needs to change….

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