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cropped-micahs-headshot-1-20172.jpgDr. Micah Shippee is an innovative ‘ideas’ person who thinks outside the box. Micah wears many hats as a Middle School Social Studies teacher, a technology trainer, and professor. He regularly explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and leverages emergent technology to achieve educational goals. Very early in his career, Micah discovered the secret to increased student motivation, a more productive learning environment, a better fit for future job preparedness, all while achieving his mandated content objectives and goals… the secret? Effective and Efficient Technology Integration.

Micah believes: The training and development of present and future educational practitioners is a key factor in developing citizenship for our increasingly global community. Teaching professionals place great value on collaboration with their colleagues as a means to achieve positive professional growth. In an age of increasingly ubiquitous communication/social technology, we should be looking to create collaborative and reflective atmospheres for teaching professionals available anytime, anywhere. As mentors, trainers, colleagues, and instructors we need to work towards preparing educational practitioners to meet the needs of all of their students by fostering an environment of open exchange focused on sharing experiential knowledge, best practices, and advocating for individual ownership in professional growth.


– Emergent Technology Adoption in Education
– Leading a Culture of Innovation
– Google Geo Tools for the Classroom
– Social Studies Teaching Methods

Blog Posts

What Is STEM Education and Why Is It Important?

Originally published with Upjourney. “What Is Stem Education and Why Is It Important? (13 Experts).” UpJourney – Live a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life. 18 Nov. 2020. Web. 24 Nov. 2020. <; By Micah Shippee, PhD The acronym STEM has seen popularity in education, software, and even in the toy market. This has led us to …

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Teacher (2000 – Present) Liverpool Middle School (Liverpool Central School District) Liverpool, NY.

  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Student Morning Broadcast Coordinator
  • Technology Turnkey Trainer

Professional Development Trainer & Consultant (2015 – present)

  • International training venues (often with EdTechTeam Summits): work with teachers throughout North America in their ongoing efforts to prepare 21st-century learners. Presentations and workshops range from emergent technology adoption strategies (ex. Augmented Reality – AR and Virtual Reality – VR) to technology-supported workflow solutions for education.
  • Leadership Consultant: collaborate with students, teachers, and administrators in developing a culture of innovation that embraces a growth mindset, develops leading students, empowers teachers, and informs administrators in personalized learning strategies.

Contracted Academic Researcher (January – June 2018)

  • Head Research Consultant for Facebook’s Oculus Education Program: tasked with investigating case studies of VR in education, developments in VR as they are related to education, and raising awareness of the potential VR brings in increasing student learning.

Coach & Mentor: Google Certified Innovator Program at Google (2017 – Present) Google EDU

  • Google Certified Innovator, Trainer, and Educator
  • Support the growth and development of new Google Certified Innovators as they work toward completing their innovation projects.

Lead: Geo Educator Trainer Network (2017 – present) Google Geo Education

  • Lead a cohort of teachers in the Eastern United States to support educators in Google’s Geo Tools adoption.
  • Train educators in Google Geo Tools include Google Earth, Tour Builder, My Maps, Google Expeditions (VR), Street View, as well as, yet released products and updates.

Associate Professor (Fall 2016 – Fall 2017) Ashford University (Online)

  • EDU 652: Instructional Design and Delivery: This course covered various elements of the instructional design process including needs assessment, instructional problems, learner characteristics, instructional objectives, content sequencing, instructional strategies, and evaluation instruments. Students were taught how to plan, develop, evaluate, and manage the design of effective instructional materials.

University Assessment Working Team (Summer – Fall 2016) Syracuse University

  • Worked to create a ground-level system of assessment at Syracuse University to refine our academic, co-curricular, and functional practices. The efforts were meant to help address Middle States Accreditation and other professional accreditation processes.

Ski School Director (2008 – 2011) Song Mountain’s Children’s Learn to Ski Program

  • The program ran on a 6-week schedule each winter with over 150 lessons each weekend. The position entailed:

    • Realigning the program’s level system to be closely linked with the standards established by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).
    • Hiring and Training Management Staff and over 60 Ski Instructors.
    • Creating and Supporting a website as an information/instructor development tool for the program.


Ph.D., Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation; May 2016, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Dissertation: mLearning in the Organizational Innovation Process

C.A.S., Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation; December 2006, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, C.A.S. Project: Early Teacher Attrition: A Catalyst for SOE Change?

M.S., Curriculum and Instruction; December 2002, Oswego State University, Oswego, NY Thesis Project: Effective Use of the Internet to Enhance Learning in the Social Studies Secondary Education Classroom

B.S., Secondary Education Social Studies; December 1999, Oswego State University, Oswego, NY

B.A., History; December 1999, Oswego State University, Oswego, NY


  • TLC Ninja Teachers: Episode 43 Augmented Reality (December 2017)  See YouTube:
  • Augmented Reality: AR you ready for this? (June 2017) ISTE, San Antonio, TX
  • Augmented Reality in EDU (January 2017) AR in Action Summit (MIT) See YouTube:


  • DIY Pokémon Go: AR you ready for this? Shippee, M., (2017) Google Transformation Center Article see:
  • mLearning: Anytime, anywhere learning transcending the boundaries of the educational box. Shippee, M. & Keengwe, J., (2012) Education and Information Technologies (journal)
  • Early Teacher Attrition: A Catalyst for SOE Change? Shippee, M., (2008) Annual Kelly Conference Proceedings, Queens’ University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada