Keynotes and Workshops topics include discussions on emergent technology and a successful teacher journey



Based on my first book WanderlustEDU: An Educator’s Guide to Innovation, Change, and AdventureIn WanderlustEDU we take a deep breath, learn to re-appreciate why we became involved in education, and prepare to try new things. The courage to stay relevant in our profession is a work in progress. We can do our absolute best when we understand and nurture certain attributes: Motivation, Environment, Skills, and Knowledge. Motivation is our what drives us. Our Environment is the conditions in which we exist and embark. Skills are what we have and gain along the way. Knowledge is what we know through training and experience. Check out this overview by sketchnote artist Sylvia Duckworth. For more about the topic please check out my blog post: WanderlustEDU – The Journey to Transform School Culture Starts with Teachers Let’s Do This!

OnwardEDU: Innovation and The Future of Work

A technology-driven shift in the workplace is upon us. The Future of Work demands a different approach to the knowledge and skills we have relied on in education. Our need to adopt emergent technology, and meaningful pedagogy to leverage it, has never been this high. In OnwardEDU, we will explore the future demands on the workforce and examine steps to iterate our practice.

Access to Agency

What do problem solvers, go-getters, and DIYers have in common? AGENCY.

When we figure things out and get things done, we feel as though we are in charge. The sense of agency refers to this feeling of being in the driving seat when it comes to our actions. In an age where we see the best moments of people’s lives through social media, we must be more transparent about the real-ness of life and the stick-to-it-tiveness necessary to get things done.

Exploration and Wonder

“When you look at the possibilities instead of the problems, the future is filled with endless opportunities.” – Zig Ziglar

thetaplus_20180424170743705In Exploration and Wonder, we speak directly to our learners and challenge them to seek to change the world by seeing the example of the international peers. The mission of this keynote is to provide learners with an understanding of the power they hold now to effect positive change in their local, national, and global communities.

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