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micah-4We finished our 6 hour “Classroom 2.0: Teaching in a Digital World” workshop. What a success! Our presenter team approached the event using the “Apple Store Model”: meaning we wanted a judgement-safe, productive atmosphere for our colleagues to explore new interactive approaches to teaching in a 2.0 world. We opened by developing the concept of the needed educational paradigm shift where the static (1.0) state in education was rapidly moving toward a dynamic (2.0) world of collaborative & exploratory learning. The YouTube video from The Ghetto Film School served as a cool, fast-paced narrative on the need to foster creatively in today’s digital citizens, tomorrow’s leaders.

But as a PD team we recognized that our own comfort in dynamic teaching started without experience in dynamic learning. We felt if our colleagues could experience the paradigm shift as leaners, then perhaps they could adopt the shift as instructors/facilitators.

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