A Match Made in Heaven: Google Maps and Augmented Reality #edtech #AR #mLearning #VR

I just completed a very successful collaborative custom map project with 100 students which I then converted to be used in a sweet augmented reality app.

Here’s the details…

Liverpool Cemetery Mapping Project

Over 100 students at Liverpool Middle School collaborated on a Liverpool Cemetery Mapping project. The PBL scenario allowed students to work individually, collaboratively, and with their social studies and ELA teachers. Students researched, photographed, and digitally-labelled gravestones in the Liverpool Cemetery. The project was guided by the work of former, Liverpool CSD Social Studies teacher, Clarie Deloria’s “Liverpool Cemetery: A Walking Tour” book. Students visited the cemetery, photographed and transcribed their assigned gravestone. Students completed a custom Google Map complete with historical profiles for over 30 gravesites: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/edit?authuser=1&mid=zlDDTMGv5bR8.kuUaPahKBzrE

The project was then converted with Wikitude, an augmented reality (AR) program, that used the student created Google Map content. AR is the integration of digital information with the live video or the userís environment in real time. See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DySC4iQLtZM). Through the use of the~Wikitude App (free app) visitors to the cemetery can see where sites are, how far they have to walk to see them, and the historical profiles for each site.

The directions for creating your own Wikitude augmented reality map can be found at: http://www.wikitude.com/build-wikitude-world-google-collaborative-maps/

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