Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Realty @ReadyLearner_1 @DBC_Inc #VR #AR #Education #Innovation

Transform teaching and learning with AR and VR in your classroom.

We’re at the dawn of an incredible transformation in education. Augmented reality and virtual reality–technologies that were once the province of science fiction and fantasy–are faster, better, and more affordable than ever. These tools have the potential to not only inspire students but to redefine how we teach and collaborate. But widespread adoption of AR and VR in K-12 classrooms requires taking risks, investing money and time, and training educators.

Reality Bytes makes the case for taking this leap by showing how educators are using these amazing technologies, and it provides a powerful framework to help anyone, in any school, join them. The innovative educators profiled are already designing learning experiences using AR and VR that supercharge student motivation, encourage creativity, and make otherwise impossible educational adventures accessible to all. You can do the same, using easy-to-implement resources that will revolutionize how you approach instruction. Equip your students with the skills they’ll need in the future–today.

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