Education is changing because the world is changing. Are you ready for change? #WanderlustEDU #innovation #teacher #change #edtech @edtechteam

WanderlustEDU: An Educator’s Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure is the perfect book to guide you in change.

Our journey in education is one of constant iteration, managing change both personally and professionally is what we have to do because the world is changing. WanderlustEDU is a book about that change. In WanderlustEDU we learn to appreciate the journey we are on in education by revisiting our core purposes for doing what we do, and by learning about what lies ahead. Navigating change is difficult for anyone, but when it comes to navigating those changes on behalf of our students’ future there is a special onus to do it right. WanderlustEDU is a great read for anyone who works in this state of change as a teacher, a coach, or as an administrator. This book focuses on the most important aspect of change: the people… who together form a culture perfectly capable of innovating. No matter the scale, successfully innovating means understanding the effects of change on ourselves and those around us. Without a clear understanding of what change does to people, we can end up surrounding ourselves in an anxious, frustrated, trapped, and apathetic school culture. We must understand that to successfully innovate, it is always about the people who have to embrace a new situation and carry out the corresponding change.

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