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Let’s be honest, there are times in our teaching careers when we feel anxiety, frustration, trapped, and/or apathetic. These are hardly the hallmarks of a successful, well-loved career. So then what can we do to navigate our teacher journey successfully? First, we need to understand what is going on… and lucky for us there is a field of study that can directly address our needs: human performance technology. I know sounds a bit nerdy or overly scientific-y (that’s a word, right?), but from this field, Dr. Joe Harless developed the Performance Success Model, that I have framed this way:

Charting the impact of each of these areas is the first step in understanding more about how we work and what we need to be the best version of ourselves. There’s more on the topic developed here… better yet check out Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Journey For Success in WanderlustEDU: An Educator’s Guide to Innovation, Change, and Adventure.

Let’s Do This!

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